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One of the growing concerns of state wildlife officials, outfitters and others who believe in the value of hunting and depend on hunters’ dollars is the decline in the number of young hunters. Members of the hunting community are constantly exploring ways to draw new people to the sport to preserve the future of hunting. One potential means for attracting prospective hunters is through new media.
The hunting community might have been slow to embrace the worlds of YouTube and Instagram, but that’s changing rapidly. Hunters are using a variety of outlets to educate, inform, entertain and advocate for hunting. If you’re interested learning more about some of those at the forefront of integrating new media into hunting, we have a few suggestions.

Gritty Bowmen is a podcast dedicated to bowhunting. The hosts invite expert guests to discuss topics such as proper archery technique, physical fitness, backcountry equipment and the value of public lands. More information is available at grittybowmen.com.

Jay Scott Outdoors Western Big Game Hunting and Fishing Podcast is hosted by hunting guide and author Jay Scott. Scott concentrates on topics related to hunting the western US. He covers a variety of species, hunting methods, gear and tactics specific to hunting in the west. Go to jayscottoutdoorspodcast.com to learn more.

The Rich Outdoors Hunting Podcast hosted by Cody Rich is all about discussing the finer details of what makes a successful hunt. Rich interviews expert hunters to find out what separates them from the rest. They offer advice on preparation, gear, tactics, strategies, decision making and more. Additional information is available at therichoutdoors.net.

@meateatertv is the Instagram account of Steven Rinella. Rinella is an award-winning author, television host and podcaster. He delves into a wide range of topics including handling and cooking of wild game, fly fishing, conservation and successful hunting tactics. Learn more at themeateater.com.

@elk101as the name indicates is all about elk. Both the Instagram account and elk101.com provide advice for both novice and experienced hunters on tactics, equipment and fitness.

@nickswildride is the Instagram realm of musician and TV host Nick Hoffman. Hoffman allows his followers a window into his adventures as he explores the world in search of great food, fascinating cultures, inspiring music and outstanding hunting. You can find out more at nickswildride.net.

SOLO HNTR is the YouTube channel of Tim Burnett whose TV show Solo Hunter airs on the Outdoor Channel. Burnett documents his solo hunts for a variety of species all over the world. Find out more at solohntr.com.

Born and Raised Outdoors is a channel focused primarily on bowhunting with an emphasis on hunting elk in sometimes difficult conditions. Visit bornandraisedoutdoors.com.

Randy Newberg, Hunter is the YouTube channel of TV host Randy Newberg. Newberg is known for his popular TV shows Fresh Tracks and On Your Own Adventures. He hunts on public lands and is an outspoken advocate for preserving public lands and hunter access to those lands. Newberg also created the Hunt Talk web forum and hosts the Hunt Talk podcast. For additional information visit randynewberg.com


By David Schwartz
NWCO Hunting Guide


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