Big Game

Be bear aware

During the fall hunting season bears are active up to 20 hours a day, foraging around the clock trying to gain enough weight to survive the coming winter.
Bears are very focused on finding food and may not be as alert to your presence or as willing to abandon a good food source as they might be earlier in the year. The quiet, stealthy behavior necessary for you to surprise your quarry also increases the chance you could surprise a foraging bear, so if you are not making noise, stop often to look around and be extra alert when traveling along streams or through natural food sources like oak brush.
Even though you’re carrying a weapon, experts recommend you have bear spray readily available. Wearing gloves and an apron when cleaning game will help reduce the odors you get on your clothing.
Separate the carcass from the entrails and remove the carcass as soon as possible.
If you’re not immediately packing out, hang your carcass at least 10 feet from the ground and four feet out from anything bears could climb and as far away from your campsite or sleeping area as you are comfortable. Try to hang it where you can see it from a distance.

Information from Colorado Parks & Wildlife
Photo Courtesy of Joe Gutierrez

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